• Ich will mir jetzt auch mal ne größere zulegen, wozu hab ich denn den 1b Schein im Geldbeutel...

    Was hält ihr denn von der VNB 125? Leider kein O-Lack.

  • Liebe Leute... 99999 steht für "Laufleistung unbekannt"

    Wäre ja auch irgendwie ein riesen Zufall, wenn ein Roller exakt so viel gelaufen hat. 8|

  • klingt irgendwie suspekt wa...

    "Dear Mr. Andreas,
    i would like to make this deal safe for both of us.
    For the documents formality is very simple.

    I will send all the Vespa documents and the Contract of sale, Accreditation papers, Certificate of ownership ..( ALL Documents) and of course the EEC-Certificate of Conformity ( COC) which has been delivered to me once with the Vespa when bought.

    All this documents are german.

    Only the Non Eu Countries does not have the COC Certificate ( which is not our case)

    This documents along with all Vespa documents will be also provided to you by the transporter. They also will offer you guidance for the registration process as they have delivered motors/autos in Europe.
    For payment and shipping:

    You will pay the 1.550 Euro total( no additional Fees)

    Total 1.550 Euro. (FINAL PRICE)

    The transport from England to Germany will be paid by me. I have an open account at the transporter courier and i have a big discount ( almost free) so you will not pay for the transport.

    After the vespa is sent the transporter will contact you and give you the transport details ( delivery date, transport number and payment details).

    The money will be paid in the same day( or next day) as the vespa has been sent and the transporter contact you with the transport confirmation.

    The money will be sent by Money Gram to the transporter's central office from London, England( it's an english transport company so that all the money must be sent there first)

    The transporter will keep the money as a warranty until you will receive and inspect the vespa at your home.

    After the vespa is delivered and inspected the transporter will send the money to me.
    The transporter is an impartial third party, whose task is to facilitate the online buying and selling, guaranteeing security, reliance and convience for both ( me and you)
    After the vespa is received, then you have the Inspection Period to value the purchase of ( Vespa), thus if the purchase is approved of, informing the transporter office to authorise the transaction.

    I need only to know your name and address where the vespa should be sent and i can go at the transporter office and sign the shipping papers.

    Let me know today your decision.( And your details for the vespa delivery and the Contract of sale)

    Best Wishes!
    Daniel Richter"

  • Ich hab ihm schon vorgeschlagen bei Übergabe Cash zu zahlen, hat der Gute aber nicht mehr drauf geantwortet.

    Aber wie is das denn jetzt mit den Ersatzteilen? Irgendwie hab ich grad Lust auf ne Acma...

  • lass da blos die finger weg

    Sie werden oft Glühwürmchen oder Knick-Licht-Gruftis genannt - sind die bunten, fröhlichen Lachgummis, die den Versuch unternommen haben sich mit Gasmasken vor der Emo-Seuche zu retten