Which is the best online scooter shop in Germany?

  • Hello guys

    I'm sorry but I can't speak German language.Can you please help me. I have friends in Germany that can buy me spare parts for my LML NV VESPA(same as PX 150cc) and bring them here in my country but I don't know which is the best and cheapest ONLINE SHOP for VEspa spare parts in GErmany!

    Which is the best,reliable and cheapest of all online Vespa spare parts shops in GErmany??
    as far as I compared prices of some online shops,it seems that had cheapest prices (but I didn't opened all of shops that are in Germany).

    Does anyone has experience with this onlineshop because I sent them 3 emails and I didn't get any reply !!!!
    If you have some other better and cheaper reliable onlineshop......PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN ORDER PARTS FOR MY LML NV VESPA THAT I'M RESTAURING NOW

    Thank you in advance


  • There´s a lot of German scooter related online shops, the two largest are

    You can´t tell which shop is the cheapest in general. Some parts might be cheaper in one shop whilst others in the same shop are more expensive than elsewhere. You will have to compare prices individually.

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  • Thank you "pkracer" for your reply.

    I opened those 2 and plus . I compared those 3 and I found that rollerladen is slightly cheaper.....BUt As I wrote here,I wrote them 3-4 emails to ask them about some parts,but they didn't reply at all.........So that is why I'm asking you whether someone has good experience with that online shop or no?
    And I haven't opened some other onlineshops,just those 3.So if anyone else has some other better and cheaper shop,don't hesitate to recommend it

    Thanx again and I'm waiting for your replies
    By the way,I'm from Macedonia (and we don't have Vespa spare parts specialised shops.I have friends in FRANKFURT that can buy the parts for me over there and bring them to me here)


  • Sorry that I cant help you with Rollerladen, but I've made a lot of good experiences with Sip and Scootercenter. Both are very good shops, payable with paypal and fast shipping.

    Good luck with your search ;)

  • Hey MAXI66

    I don't get it sorry,how can this person RITA help me? Does she knows the best online shops or she sells spare parts...????

  • aaaa I see MAXI66

    Thanx for your help but I need online shop where I can see the parts that I'm ordering,so that I can tell my friends exactly which parts I need.I need more then 1 spare parts.That is why I need cheap and reliable ONLINE SHOP.But thank you anyway :)

  • So no one else shops online VEspa parts ,over there in GERMANY? :) Cmmon people give me some reccomendations,where should I buy online my Vespa spare parts in Germany????
    No one has experience with this online shop?? Reccomend some better and cheaper online shops if you know !!!

    Greetings to all German Vespa owners from Macedonia :)

  • You have been told the names of several German online shops for scooter parts. As I mentioned before, there is no "Best of all online shops". If you ask two people you will probably get three opinions because everyone has had different experiences with different shops.

    Speaking for myself I can recommend rollerladen.com, good prices, fast and reliable delivery. But I can also recommend any of the other shops like SCK, SIP or worb5 because I ordered parts there and was satisfied with their service.

    So its your choice.

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  • Ohh so you have good experience with ROLLERLADEN then? I found their prices little bit cheaper,that is why I'm asking.But as I said before,I sent them 3-4 emails and didn't get any reply from them.That is why I asked you here ,so that I don't get fooled by them.Was affraid that they are some not good shop,not reliable.......Thank you for your reply .You have been helpfull PKRACER :)

  • There are VESPAS here in Macedonia.Especially there were many in mid '80s.Mostly PX models and indian made LML NV and T5. But people have them still anyway.I think they will start to get them out now again slowly,cause Macedonia it is sunny country.I live by the OHRID lake so it is great place to ride around :)
    I wanted an earlier model of VESPA because I like that desight
    better.More round and more stylish so I found here a model from 1958
    which was a FENDER LIGHT BASED.But I didn't had that much money, and
    that VEspa needed a good restoration and a lot of money to make it like
    new and like I wanted it to be.Those earlier models are hard to find here ,cause there are not much and it is difficult to find them.
    I was searching for VESPA for 2 years maybe ,and I found and bought this august a cheaper LML NV from 1991 (when LML had joint venture with PIAGGIO and produced NV model which is 99% same as PX 150cc).So I painted it now in metallic purple kind of nuance,and this past week prepared rims and other stuff for painting.I will take them this week I hope, for painting.But I need some new spare parts to buy,so that I can make it look as new.I have limited small budget so that is why I need the cheapest online shop in Germany to order as much parts as I can :) Then I will buy some new tyres,restore the seat and few other things.....and hopefully be ready after NEW YEAR......but one thing after another :)
    I could have bought some chinese cheap scooter,but I wanted a VESPA, because it is a simbol of STYLE and while I was searching this past 1-2 years I got so much into VESPAS that I downloaded movies and other stuff....hahaha.......

    So now I guess I will order some spare parts from because I compared their prices and they seem to be a littlebit cheaper then other shops.I hope they are reliable shop to buy from.

    Greetings from Macedonia to German VESPA riders ;)

  • Yes you are right. Rollerladen.com is a good and reliable shop and you should have no problems by ordering your spare parts. But have a look at the delivery costs, so that you don't have unexpected additional costs. I have read on another shops website that the delivery costs are really low, just 9,- EUR for a 5kg package and if you buy for more than 250,- EUR the shipping is free.

    If you need support in the restauration of your Vespa, don't hestitate to ask.



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  • OK then.You have good experience with too...that's good :) I won't order the parts to come to Macedonia.I have friends in Frankfurt so I hope they will order the parts so the shipping costs should not be that much(Around 7eur I guess) ,and then they will bring them to me here.I don't understand German,so I hope I'm right.Maybe you can check it out and translate it to me if you have time. By the way,are you Italian Marco? You have Italian name :)

    Ciao :)

  • Ok, shipping within Germany is no so expensive. I thought you wanted to let rollerladen.com ship it to your country. The shipping costs from Rollerladen.com depend on the weight.The basic prices are for a package to a maximum weight of 10kg is only 5,95 EUR, from 10kg to 14kg is 6,80 EUR, from 14kg to 20kg is 7,95 EUR and any order with a weight to 30kg is 10,50 EUR. On all this prices you have to pay an additional charge of 7,50 EUR for surname deliverance by UPS. If you are buying for more than 300,- EUR, in this case the shipping is free.

    I have an italian name, but I am actually German. But I love many Italian things, like Vespa (of course you could guess that one), Italian Wine and Food and the Italian mentality at least.



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