vespa PK xl 2 engine

  • Hello I don´ speak german so i´m writing this in english (hope that´s not a problem)
    So I own vespa PK xl 2 wich has a wery special cylinder-the carb is hooked directly to the cylinder and not on the engine casing like usual. I suspect tha´s special german edition am I right??
    Do you have any information about this type of vespa and if you know where could i get a cylinder kit or piston for it?
    Thanks, the Kid
    Here is the picture of the cyl:

  • I think you have the austrian version of the pk xl! and you're right! Normally the carb (??) should be directly on the engine case!

    What sylle was trying to say that theres a book (in german) about vespas (the best book ever :D ) and on p 44 to "..." there is the same edition of the cylinder you have shown us...

    I'm not sure but i think there's a 136 ccm cylinder by malossi with the same "system"...

    Looked it up right now :D yes there is a 136 ccm cylinder by malossi ;)

    Here is the link ;)

    It's a little bit expensive but it's one of the only cylinders for the direct injection (???) system...

    There's (of course) also a 50 ccm version (and i think a 75 ccm version as well) but im not quite sure and i cant find any links :(

    Sorry for my english...

    I hope i was at least a little help ;)


  • Hello,
    I have a nother question for you. Is the original exhaust of this PK xl 2 blocked in any way? How can I make it faster and to have more power (I can´t get the cylinder kit).
    If you could give me nay information about this type of vespa (PK 50 xl oustrian version)

  • The PK-Series don't have any blocking in their exhausts.
    The Austrian Engine is pretty similar to modern Scooter-engines, except that they still have a Handshift-Gearbox!
    The easiest way to tune up your engine would be to change the whole crap for an older one with carb-to-engine-casing. Those should be available @ eBay.

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