Der Winter kommt

  • Hi Guys! Winter is approaching here in Norway. Next week I swap my Prima 50 cc for a GTS 300 and plan to use it as my primary scooter shuttle. Looking for an armored jacket that withstands a lot of heavy rain while I live on the West Coast (known to be extremely wet).

    Any tips for the long wet and cold season? Of course the clothes have to look decent - we're driving a classic scooter. Practical, warm, dry and noble!

    Bottom up!

  • we're driving a classic scooter

    Hmm, sorry, but not in the point of view of this board. ;)

    The guys (and few girls) here ride the *real* classic Vespas, this means: Metal frame and model year till the early nineties. But there's another forum that deals with the (in our eyes) modern scooters like the GTS300:


  • Nevertheless, may be someone has a good advice for a proper jacket useful in wet and windy conditions.

    I'm out, as I try to ride my PX on fine and dry conditions only. Wind is no issue, as a softshell jacket does its job.
    I used one of these softshell jackets on stormy and wet conditions last winter. I was really comfortable and dry. I can check the manufacturer later this day.

    Regards from Black Forest / Germany!

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